JAXA/Boeing 777 Laser System

JAXA/Boeing 777 Laser System
21 Feb 2018

ACG, under contract from Boeing, designed, fabricated, installed, and FAA certified a laser test system for JAXA, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency. This remote-sensing technology could help commercial airplane pilots better detect and avoid weather disturbances to improve flight safety. The JAXA LIDAR technology offers the potential to accurately measure winds as much as 17.5 kilometers in front of airplanes and provide pilots with sufficient time to take appropriate action to avoid wind shear and clear air turbulence, which does not have any visual cues such as clouds.

“We expect to be able to spot clear-air turbulence more than 60 seconds ahead of the aircraft, or about 17.5 kilometers [10.9 miles], giving the crew enough time to secure the cabin and minimize the risk of injuries.”

Stefan Bieniawski, the Boeing program’s lead investigator

The innovative fairing system had to safely support flight testing of an internal laser and an externally mounting mirror that did not modify the aircraft in any manner. The ACG system completed a flight test regime and now resides in the JAXA museum in Japan.

Applied Concepts Group provided the modification kit with fairing system to support JAXA atmospheric test laser with a temporary installation that required no permanent modifications to the aircraft. The kit was delivered 105 days after contract award with final installation completed in under 6 months.

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