The Applied Concepts Group


The Applied Concepts Group is an advanced technology company specializing in unique applications of sensors, weapons and systems to meet our customers most demanding requirements.  We offer systems for military, civil, and commercial application in the US and international markets.

Airborne systems

Advanced FAA certified aircraft tailored to customer specific multi-INT collection requirements.

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Mobile Ground systems

Integrated ground vehicles.  Mobile electronic combat systems to support tactical operations.

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Fixed Ground systems

Integrated intelligence and command and control centers.

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Mobile hospitals

Integrated mobile hospitals.  Hospitals tailored to customer specific medical, transport and operational requirements.

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JAXA/Boeing 777 Laser System

ACG, under contract from Boeing, designed, fabricated, installed, and FAA certified a laser test system for JAXA, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Commercial Military Radio Sales to Iraq

ACG delivered modern military radios under a commercial contract to upgrade Iraq’s fleet of Russian helicopters.

ACG Encryptor Testing with US Army

ACG conducted several rounds of testing of their ACG-1S aircraft encryption system using US Army AH-64C/Ds.